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Waldmann Flourescent Tube Lights Are Becoming Obsolete

Oct 2nd 2019

With advances in LED Technology, you will find more and more applications where LED is becoming the better option. This is certainly becoming the case with Tube Machine Lights. Waldmann Lighting has announced a phase-out of most of their RL70 Fluorescent Tube Machine Lights by the end of 2019. These fixtures are being replaced with the new RL70LE and the MACH LED PLUS.70 machine lights. These LED Tube Lights offer better light output with a cleaner, whiter light allowing the operator to see with more detail.


Reasons to upgrade to LED:

  • Maintenance-Free LED Lamps Up To 100% More Light
  • Reduction in energy costs of up to 70%
  • System of protection IP67, 100% leakage tested
  • Unlimited switching, immediate 100% output 
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Flicker-free light without dangerous stroboscope effect 
  • Compatible with 70 mm tube lights in form and dimensions 
  • AC or DC Voltages

For help with your LED upgrade, please contact us at (888) 551-4490.

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